The civil war 1918-21

The civil war 1918-21

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The civil war 1918-21
Red (Bolsh) vs. Whites (opposition)-> reds won
Red strengths
Control of Moscow & Petrograd- transport, industry, communication & high population
One aim to spread rev
Looked after conscripts- tobacco
Inspiring leaders
Red's brutality
conscription or execute you
50,000 shot in 1918 by Cheka
Banned non- bolsh propaganda
White's brutality
Cruel to army officers
Burnt livestock,houses & executed people
Problems facing the Bolsh
Food biggest problem affected by transport system
Gave up Ukraine in Brest litovsk treaty- decrease in grain
June 1918- lost 60% of workforce in Petrograd ­ people moving to the countryside for food
Class war
Local/regional concerns
Failure of new regime to deal adequately with needs
International response
Britain & France& USA angry that Russia left them in the war ­ helped the whites
After war didn't help the whites as they no longer needed them
White's weaknesses
Didn't have 1 location= deliveries not arriving & use of horses
Different aims
Cruel to army officers
Burnt live stock , houses & executions= lost support
Foreign support stopped in 1918
Lacked leader quality


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