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The Circulatory
By Rowan and Alex…read more

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The Heart
· The heart is a muscular pump
in the centre of your chest
that pumps blood around the
· When it beats it pumps blood
to the lungs (where O2 is
picked up and CO2 is dropped
off) and to the cells (where
O2 and glucose is dropped off,
CO2 and waste is picked up.…read more

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Vena Cava (vein Pulmonary Artery
from the body) (to the lungs)
Deoxygenated blood
Oxygenated blood
Aorta (artery
to the body)
Pulmonary Vein (from
the lungs)…read more

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Red arrows didn't show
up so I used yellow
Right Atrium
Left Atrium
Right Ventricle
Left Ventricle…read more

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Blood Vessels
· Carry blood towards the heart
· Carry deoxygenated blood
· Have thin walls
· Have large lumen
· Carry low pressure blood
· Have valves to prevent backflow
· Carry blood away from the heart
· Carry oxygenated blood
· Have thick muscular walls
· Have small lumen
· Carry high pressure blood…read more

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Blood Vessels
· Found in muscles and lungs
· Have tiny walls (1 cell thick)
· Carry very low pressure blood
· Where gas exchange happens-
O2 passes into tissues and CO2
passes into the capillary…read more

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