The Circulatory System

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Physical Education
The Circulatory System
Also known as the cardiovascular system, your heart, blood vessels and blood itself are
three essential components the body needs to survive. The circulatory system consists of
two circuits that blood travels through; pulmonary and systemic. Exercise affects these
systems, causing the heart to pump blood faster around the body, which in turn allows you
to exercise for longer!
Components of the circulatory/cardiovascular system
The three components are:
The heart
Blood vessels
It is a double circulatory system. It comprises two separate circuits and blood
passes through the heart twice.
The pulmonary circuit carries
blood to the lungs to be
oxygenated and then back to the
heart. In the lungs, carbon dioxide
is removed from the blood, and
oxygen taken up by the
haemoglobin in the red blood cells.
The systemic circuit carries blood
around the body to deliver the
oxygen and returns de-oxygenated
blood to the heart. Blood
also carries nutrients and

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