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Unit F762- Managing Change in Human Environments.

Characteristics of Urban areas
Urban areas have a variety of functions, processes and distinct land-use patterns
Functions include industrial, commercial, residential and recreational.
Land use patterns are affected by a number of factors such as social, economic, political and
environmental factors.

Towns and…

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Unit F762- Managing Change in Human Environments.

2 = Wholesale light manufacturing/inner city ­ industry
3 = low-class residential ­ terraced houses (originally located there so the factory workers could live close by).
4 = medium class residential/Outer city
5 = high class residential/outer city
10 = commuters zone/ Outer…

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Unit F762- Managing Change in Human Environments.

Latin American city model
Latin American cities were strongly affected by colonisation. The Spanish and Portuguese adopted similar plans of
a central square with major religious building such as a church. The main administrative and residences of the
elite would then be located…


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