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17th July 1791
MASSACRE…read more

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The Basics
On 17th July 1791, 50,000 people flocked the
Champ de Mars, a huge field in Paris where the
Feast of Federation, celebrating the fall of the
Bastille, had been held 3 days before.
They were there to sign a republican petition on the
`altar of the fatherland'. This was a political
demonstration by the poorer sections of the Paris
The commune, under pressure from the Assembly,
declared marital law.
They sent Lafayette with the National Guard to the
Champs de Mars, where the Guards fired on the
peaceful protest and unarmed. Around 50 people
were killed.…read more

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This was the first bloody clash between
different groups in the Third Estate, and it
was greeted with pleasure in the Assembly.
Messages of support for the Assembly
poured in from the provinces. Marital law
remained in force for a month, during which
time some popular leaders were arrested.
Others such as Hébert, Marat and Danton
fled or went into hiding.…read more

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The moderates had won -
It took nearly a year for the popular
movement to recover
And could now work out a compromise
with the king without facing mob
As far as the extremists were concerned
only the overthrow of the monarchy
would satisfy their demands.…read more

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More determined than ever to make an
agreement with the King. Although they
did not trust him and had lost popular
support, for the moment they controlled
Paris and the Assembly.
Their long-term success however
depended on the co-operation of Louis,
and this was far from certain.…read more


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