The Cell Cycle + Mitosis

This includes information about the full cell cycle and information about mitosis.

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The Cell Cycle
The cell cycle mostly consists of a stage called Interphase. This is a stage of immense
chemical activity, though no nuclear division takes place. It consists of 3 stages:
G1 ­ This is where proteins are been synthesised
S1 ­ The `synthesis' stage. This is where DNA replication takes place
G2 ­ This is where organelles grow and start to divide
Interphase takes up most of the cells life (see diagram)
Nuclear Division
This is where mitosis or meiosis takes place. We will be looking at Mitosis.
Mitosis is where a cell divides and produces 2 daughter cells which are clones of the
parent cell. Mitosis consists of 4 stages:
Prophase ­ the nuclear envelope disintegrates and the chromosomes become
denser and visible
Metaphase ­ The chromosomes line up at the equator of the cell and spindle fibres
Anaphase ­ The spindle fibres attach to the centromeres of the chromosomes.
They then contract and pull chromatids to opposite poles of the cell
Teleophase ­ The nuclear envelope starts to reform and chromatids start to
become invisible

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But during these stages, there's not actually a full division of the cells. This is a separate
stage called cytokinesis and this is when the cells actually separate from each other.…read more


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