The Catcher in the Rye - Chapter Reviews 1-10

Okay, here's the first ten chapter reviews of The Catcher in the Rye.

The Catcher in the Rye is a book written by J.D Salinger about a teenage boy who is trying to decide whether he wants to grow up or stay a child. It shows the angst that teens experience as they grow older and also conveys every single blasted problem a teen can come across in one short weekend.

That's the best summary of the book I can come up with.

I'll be doing the next 10 chapters sometime soon so I'm afraid you'll have to wait. And once I've done all 26 chapters, I'll put them together in one big document that you can all hate and despise and still thank me for.

Kathryn. C

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Preview of The Catcher in the Rye - Chapter Reviews 1-10

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The Catcher in the Rye
J.D Salinger
Chapter Reviews 110

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Page 2

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Chapter 1 Review
Character is introduced
Excluded from Pencey (boarding school)
Visits Mr Spencer to say goodbye
States his intentions for book by saying what he's NOT going to write
Development of Character
In first person addressing unknown reader.…read more

Page 3

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Chapter 2 Review
Talks to Mr Spencer discusses Pencey, his grades and he lies to get away (from
Development of Character
Can be a polite person can show respect, but doesn't seem to 'like' to do so
Uses 'old' a lot
Quite cynical of life "Game my ass"
Dislikes being considered immature
Is capable of good work but not motivated his essay was good apart from the
fact that he wasn't interested in the subject
Tends to lie to avoid things also dislikes…read more

Page 4

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Chapter 3 Review
Ackley is introduced
Stradlater is introduced
Find out about the dorm he lives in
Has a conversation with Ackley
Development of Character
See he is more impatient
See how he interacts with others
Quite pensive says something but doesn't do anything
Likes to read books
Defends Stradlater... why?
Getting kicked out
Reading/books possibly the escapism gained when reading a novel
Quite down, subdued and sort of depressed.…read more

Page 5

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Chapter 4 Review
Talks about looks how they relate to social class (if you're pretty you're cooler
and better than others) relates to perceptions of self and others physically
Agrees to do Stradlater's composition talks about how he hates people talking
about subjects that they don't really know much about (hypocritical?)
Discusses Stradlater's date Jane. Reminisces about her
Derogative about Ackley (insulting).…read more

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Page 7

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Chapter 5 Review
Find out about his dead brother Allie
Befriends Allie
Does Stradlater's composition for him
Introduces Mal Brossard
Goes to 'town' with 'mates' Ackley and Brossard
Development of Character
Lends his stuff out to people, he must be quite generous (or not care too much
about his stuff) ironic since the quality of his belongings is 'supposed' to reflect his
social standard and class
He could be crazy (smashes all the windows) or impulsive?
He is sensitive (emotionally immature) smashes all the…read more

Page 8

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Chapter 6 Review
Gets into fight with Stradlater about Jane and loses
Calls him names 'moron' immaturity
Was already workedup about Jane
Tears up composition acting out.…read more

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Chapter 7 Review
Goes to see Ackley
Lies to Ackley
Doesn't discuss fight with Stradlater in detail with Ackley
Decides to leave Pencey
Leaves "sleep tight ya' morons!" but cries about it.
Development of character
He's sad to leave the school and people behind but he doesn't understand why
he's sad and crying. This could because he lacks the emotional maturity and
understanding that an adult has
Is exceptionally impulsive ­ chooses to leave Pencey and does so.…read more

Page 10

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Chapter 8 Review
Gets on train
Talks to mother of a Pencey student.
Development of character
Lies to the mother about her son finds it entertaining.…read more


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