The Catcher in the Rye - Chapter Reviews 11-20

Here's the second installment of the chapter reviews that I've done at home and in school on the EVIL book, 'The Catcher In The Rye'.

These are chapter 11 to 20 and aren't as detailed as they probably could be, but they're just a guide for it all and they're the only notes I have (and will ever make) on the blasted book, so if you guys want to add them to your own notes and such then do so; but don't say they're **** because I don't really care.

Anyway, to anyone who needs them then I hope they help you, to anyone who's just nosey I'm advising you to never read the book unless you had no other choice... seriously, it's got more drama than a soap opera (and it's no where near as entertaining).

Kathryn. C

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The Catcher in the Rye

J.D Salinger

Chapter Reviews 1120

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Chapter 11 Review
Gives a detailed character of Jane
Tells us about Holden's character more ­ via Jane's actions ­ how they affect
Development of Character
He is naive ­ shows that since he is so `in love' with her (Jane) but we don't
know how she feels…

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Chapter 12 Review
Gets a cab ­ driver called Horowitz. Discusses Ducks, mother nature and fish
Goes to Old Ernie's place ­ a club. Talks about pianoplaying/art, being phony
Meets Lillian Simmons ­ a phony. Tries to leave.
Development of Character
Can become quite obsessed with things on occasion…

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Chapter 13 Review
Considering his personality makes up a scenario showing his `yellowness'
Agrees to have a prostitute from the elevator guy (Maurice) but he rejects her.
Development of Character
He's submissive ­ he may be against someone or something but he doesn't
argue with it and goes along…

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Chapter 14 Review
Talks about Allie, and guilt he feels, and about Religion
Maurice comes, takes money from him for prostitute he's robbed. Punched in
the gut
Goes to sleep once Maurice is gone.
Development of Character
Has guilt over Allie. Feels bad because he had been mean to…

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Chapter 15 Review
Wakes up
Calls Sally Hayes arranges a date with her
Leaves (checks out) of Hotel, goes to sandwich bar and has breakfast
Meets some Nuns has a chat with them about books (Romeo & Juliet). Feels
bad for them being so poor
Gives them money for…

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Chapter 16 Review
Decides to visit Phoebe and give her a record
Goes to park then heads to Natural History Museum
Talks about museum in detail
Doesn't go in though.
Development of Character
He likes his sister Phoebe tries to please her
Acts almost as though he is a…

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Chapter 17 Review
Sally Hayes turns up late
He's isolated can't namedrop like she can. He can't do that since he hates
Is impulsive talks without considering consequences.
Development of Character
Is too immature, impulsiveness wanting to break free, run away from reality, do
what he wants. Quite…

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Chapter 18 Review
Talks about Jane, and dancing, says she's good
Has a talk with Carl Luce. Goes to movies watches stage show. Thinks little of
the movies finds it too `fake'
Talks about WWII and authority (how he doesn't like it).
Development of Character
Insults Jane's 4th July…

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Chapter 19 Review
Goes to the Wicker Bar and talks with Carl Luce
Carl Luce leaves he stays.
Development of Character
Doesn't know when to drop things (the sex conversation, it annoys Carl but
Holden doesn't understand why)
Says he doesn't like the sensationalism of the singing (the buildup…


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