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The Carbon Cycle…read more

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How is carbon made?
· Millions of years ago a tree died and fell into a
swamp with anaerobic conditions. Because of
the lack of oxygen and acidic conditions of the
swamp the tree did not decompose and so as
more and more peat fell on top of the tree it
became so squashed that only carbon
remains.…read more

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The carbon
In nature carbon is used and locked up all the time by tree's
which take it in an convert it to biomass during the light-
independent reactions of photosynthesis. Carbon is usually
released into the air by respiration and the combustion of fossil
fuels.…read more

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Human impacts
· Through us burning fossil fuels and cutting
down tree's there is more CO2 being put into
the air than there is being taken out by
photosynthesis. This may have lead to global
warming and climate change however just
because there is a correlation doesn't mean
that rising CO2 levels are causing it.…read more

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What we can do to stop this..
· Planting tree's will help take more carbon
dioxide in. This is because as young tree's
grow there is less respiration and they are a
net absorber of CO2 .
· Planting crops to use as fuel instead of fossil
fuels means that carbon dioxide levels won't
rise as they are carbon neutral. However this
means that there will be less food for people.…read more


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