the boscastle case study

this is my boscastle case study for georgraphy gcse, including short and long term effects, responses, human and physical causes.

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Boscastle case study
The Boscastle flood occurred on 16 august 2004 in the north coast of
Cornwall, 14 miles of Bude. The flood dropped 200mm of rain in 4 hours, that's
90mm an hour. The physical causes were heavy rainfall and the steepness of
the valley caused surface run off causing the deep valley to fill up like a bowl.
The human causes were building settlement in a deep valley with a history of
high rainfall. There were also structures blocking the rivers flow and so widened
the spread of the water. There were no drainage ditches raised banks or water
barriers to prevent the water ruining the settlement.
The short term effects of the flood. The economic effects were roads were
blocked off so emergency services found it difficult to access people.
Properties were destroyed by debris. Houses were wrecked and people sat on
roofs waiting to be rescued. Cars were washed away and shops were also
ruined. The social effects were people were injured, their personal possessions
destroyed or washed away and people having their homes destroyed. The
majority seem to be environmental effects. The valley had steep sides making
it easier for rain water to flood the valley basin.
The long term effects of the flood. The economic effects were that the
floodwater damaged a great amount of properties. Cars, motorbikes etc were
swept away and a burst sewage main, spoiled a lot of peoples houses and
thousands of pounds worth of damage were done. Obviously, someone has to
repair these and it was very costly and time consuming. Some houses and
buildings were beyond repair, and some land owners need to start from scratch.
Boscastle was mainly known for its tourism and witchcraft museum. With most
of the tourist locations being destroyed (including the witchcraft museum), less
people came to visit and owners went out of business. Some social effects are
the people lost there jobs from the flood. Their work location was either
destroyed or fewer tourists came and they lost their jobs. Some people were
injured or lost their personal possessions. Also, lots of people had to move
house away from neighbours and friends. The environmental effects were that
the valley was disfigured and is now uglylooking. The water is murky and dirty
and the whole landscape is not attractive. Tourist's won't want to visit
boscastle as much, which is also why people lost their jobs and businesses
closed down.
The emergency services responded fairly quickly and the helicopters rescued
around 80 people from roof tops. Responses from individuals were fairly similar.
Most residents of the village were insured but some weren't and demanded
100% compensation.


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