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The Boer war
The impact of reporting and propaganda

Stance of the newspapers

Most of the newspapers were supportive of the war effort, with only the Manchester Guardian
being opposed to it throughout its duration.

Anti-war newspapers found that their sales declined.
Daily Chronicle even hired a new editor…

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Concentration camps

During the war, the British increasingly used concentration camps to house Boer women, children and
black Africans.

Overcrowding was a huge problem, at the peak camps contained 140,000
Children suffered in particular cases of measles, malaria, pneumonia
Death rates ran at 34% within white camps
Black Africans being…

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Army reform and social reforms

Army reforms

The Esher reforms...

Improvements to army organisation through better defined roles, such as that of the chief of
the general staff who had responsibility for planning and training
Improved training and professionalism through new drill books
New and better weapons introduced

Haldane Reforms...…


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