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The Birth and Death of Stars
Stephanie Smith…read more

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Stars are born in
clouds of dust and
gas. This was left
from previous
The denser regions
of the cloud
contract very
slowly into clumps
under the force of
gravity.…read more

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Once the clumps
become dense
enough, the
clouds will break
up into protostars
which continue to
contract and heat
up under as the
increases.…read more

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Eventually, the
temperature at the centre
of the protostar will reach
a few million degrees, and
the hydrogen nuclei will
begin to fuse together to
form helium.
This releases a huge
amount of energy and
outward pressure
(radiation pressure) to
prevent the gravitational
Now, the star has reached
it's main sequence stage,
while it fuses hydrogen into
helium.…read more

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When a star runs
out of hydrogen to
fuse into helium,
the core cools and
contracts while the
rest of the star
expands. A small
star will form a red
giant and a large
star will form a red
super giant!…read more

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The core is
compressed by the
matter surrounding
it. The core shrinks
until its pressure
and temperature is
high enough for the
star to begin fusing
helium nuclei into
larger nuclei such as
carbon, nitrogen
and oxygen.…read more

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