The Big Bang Theory Astrophysics notes

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The Big Bang Theory
The cosmological principle
Hubble's Law
o Hubble realised universe is expanding
o Used type 1a supernovae and standard candles to calculate the distances to galaxies, and
measuring red shift
o Speed the galaxies moved away from Eath depended on how far they were away
o The further away the galaxy, the faster it's travelling away from us
v = Hd
o H= 65-80 kms^-1Mpc^-1
The Big Bang Theory
o Spectra from all
galaxies show red shift = all moving away - evidence for BBT
o Earth is not centre of universe

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Age and size
t = distance 1
time = H
o absolute size of universe ­ unknown
o if H=75, radius of spehere = 13 bill.…read more


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