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Who wrote The Bible? What is the Bible about?

Genesis ­ Moses ­ God creates the world and chooses a special people

Exodus ­ Moses ­ God delivers his people, the Israelite from slavery in Egypt

Leviticus ­ Moses ­ A holy God explains how to worship him

Numbers- Moses…

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Ezekiel ­ Ezekiel ­ though Israel is in exile, the nation will be restored

Daniel ­ Daniel ­ faithful to god in a challenging setting, Daniel is blessed

Hosea ­ Hosea ­ Prophet's marriage to prostitute reflects God's relationship with Israel

Joel ­ Joel ­ Locust plague pictures God's judgement…

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2 Thessalonians ­ Paul ­ Christians should work until Jesus returns

1 Timothy ­ Paul ­ pastors are taught how to conduct their lives and churches

2 Timothy ­ Paul ­ Paul's final words to a co-worker

Titus ­ Paul ­ instructions on lives and teaching

Philemon ­ Paul ­…


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