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The Bible
What is it?
The Bible is a collection of books that are considered to be Holy Scriptures. The Bible is
commonly known as `the word of God'. The Bible is divided into the Old Testament (before
Jesus), and the New Testament (during Jesus' time)
What is its purpose?
Its purpose is to spread the word of God and provide guidance through the stories and
parables. In this way, it shows the right way to live your life in the eyes of God.
The Brick Testament and what it reveals about God
1. Genesis ­ the Garden of Eden
God created man from the dirt and placed him in the Garden of Eden to look after it. God
then created the animals and the woman. However, Eve was tricked by the snake into eating
from the tree of knowledge. They then knew about good and evil, and God kicked them out
of the Garden of Eden before they could eat from the tree of life and live like God.
Shows God as a more personal God than the God who is represented in the Creation story.
God is up close and in a relationship with humanity.
2. Exodus ­ the 10 Commandments
God commanded Moses and his people to go to the foot of the mountain. Once there, God
told Moses of the 10 Commandments. They were a clear set of instructions with a threat at
the end.
God provides clear guidelines of the way to live your life. However, God's wrath will be
unleashed on anyone who disobeys his orders.
3. Moses and the burning bush. Moses is minding his own business when he sees a
bush burst into flames but the flames do not burn it up. Surprised he goes to
investigate and when he gets near God speaks to him from the bush and tells him
that he is going to lead his people out of slavery in Egypt
4. Walking on water. Jesus disciples go out in a boat but when the boat is a long way
from the shore a strong wind blows up and the sea gets rough and the disciples get
frightened. They look up and see Jesus walking towards them over the water when
he gets near he tells them not to be afraid and see them safe to shore.
5. The Empty Tomb. Jesus was placed in a tomb and a large stone rolled in front of the
opening. On the third day when the women arrived to anoint his body they found
the stone had been rolled away they were very frightened. Then an angel appeared
and told them that Jesus had been raised from the dead.
Propositional Revelation ­ refers to God directly revealing truths about his nature to people
Non-propositional revelation ­ refers to the idea that God does not reveal facts or truths to
people, instead the religious believer recognises God acting in human history and human
Realist view of God ­ God is immortal, timeless and spaceless. He exists beyond time

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