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The Battle of Balaclava
25TH OCTOBER 1854…read more

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Where, who, when
25,000 Russian men advanced on the British supply
base at Balaclava
British army commanded by Lord Raglan
Lord Lucan was commander of the Cavalry…read more

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"The thin red line"
In the morning of the 25th October, the 93rd Highland
Regiment manaed to halt the cavalry charge of the
Their commander, Sir Campbell, ordered them to
form a long line, 2 men deep, instead of the
traditional square shape
This allowed them to halt the cavalry, and Lord
Lucan and his Heavy Brigade routed them
William Russell described the manoeuvre as a "thin
red streak"…read more

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The Charge of the Light Brigade
Lord Raglan ordered Lord Lucan's cavalry to prevent the
Russian from capturing cannon on the Causeway Heights
above the 2 valleys close to Balaclava
He sent the written order with Captain Nolan to Lord
Lucan. The Captain's gestures and explanation confused
Lord Lucan.
He sent the cavalry up the wrong valley
Lord Cardigan led the light brigade, bravely charging the
guns. The majority of men did not survive.
This was an example of military ineptitude, and
matchless courage from the men
Many poems and letters were written about the event,
and it is well known today…read more


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