The Basics of Trigonometry!

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This is my first revision aid. I am very confident with trigonometry but I know many who arent so I thought it would be the best place to start. I have included practice questions and tried to keep it as simple as possible.

If you have any problems or comments then please leave a comment.

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Trigonometry Basics
Explained in Simple Terms…read more

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· Trigonometry is used to work out a side length or
angle within a right-angled triangle.
· This means you need to know what Hyp, Opp, Adj
and Theta mean. Then its as simple as substituting
numbers into a formula. If that sounds
complicated then it wont be in 10 minutes time.
· Trust me.…read more

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Hypotenuse (Hyp)
The Hypotenuse is the LONGEST side of a
RIGHT-ANGLE traingle. It is also always
opposite the right-angle.
Hypotenuse…read more

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You do NOT need to know its called theta or
has a silly symbol ( ). All you need to
know is that it's the ANGLE that you use.
x…read more

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· The Opposite is the SIDE Opposite the
angle you are using.
Simple really.
x…read more

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· Adjacent means "next to". This means that
the Adjacent is the side next to the angle
and isnt the Opp/Hyp.
x…read more

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