The Balkans


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The Balkans
Why were the Balkan States important?
It allowed passage between Europe and the Middle East; this allowed countries to be linked for purposes
such as trade.
Why were they involved?
Russia Austria Turkish ottoman empire Balkan States
Wanted to assist Wanted to stop the The Turkish Ottoman Were under Turkish
European areas under Turkish
expansion of Russian powerEmpire had control of the Ottoman control.
rule to gain independence. in the Balkans. Balkan states from as early as
Wanted to gain free Gaining control of the Balkans
In the late 1800's many of No longer wanted to be
passage of ships from the not the most important thing,the Balkan States wanted under this control ended up
Black Sea to the mainly wanted to prevent independence from fighting against Turkey
Mediterranean. other countries gaining it! Turkish rule. and each other.
Wanted to protect and Saw expansion as a threat to
liberate the Slav people in its own multi-national empire.
the Balkans.
Balkan Crisis of 18875-78
A series of revolts in Turkish controlled countries lead to the Russia-Turkey War where Turkey were
defeated resulting in the treaty of San Stefano.
Balkan Crisis of 1885-86
· Austria threatened military action against Bulgaria. The threat stopped the Bulgarian's invading Serbia;
therefore Serbia did not lose land.
· Russia sent a General to take over as Governor of Bulgaria but, Bulgaria resisted.
· The Three Emperors Alliance between Germany, Russia and Austria-Hungry was ruined.
· This was because Austria did not want Russia to gain more land as this was a threat to them.
· Bismarck however, did not get involved.
The Balkans War 1912-13
· In October 1912, the Balkan states joined to form the Balkan League.
· They attacked Turkey and within weeks the Ottoman Empire was in trouble.
· Tension grew when Montenegro gained territory, but, war was avoided as no country wanted war
· Germany suggested that if Russia supported Serbia, Germany would support Austria
· Conference of London, approved changes in the Balkans, Germany and Russia controlled hostile parties
· However, The Balkan States fell out and went to war in 1913
· Austria became worried by the Serbian attacks on Albania and consulted Germany for support
· The German foreign minister agreed to support Austria, so the foreign minister of Austria-Hungary
sent out an ultimatum to Serbia
· Serbia had no support from Russia and so Serbian troops were forced to leave.
End of the Balkan League
The alliance of Bulgaria, Serbia, Greece, and Montenegro, which fought in the First Balkan War. Ended
when its disagreed over land in Macedonia. Resulted in the Second Balkan War.
The Second Balkan War

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The Treaty of London had recognised the removal of the Turkish influence but did not deal with the
consequences within the Balkan States after Turkey's departure. As a result Serbia and Greece formed
an alliance against Bulgaria.…read more


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