The american west- Frontiers

These are my revision notes on unit 1 of the american west part of history GCSE. I follow AQA exam board so I am not sure how well it would relate to anything else.

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The American West
Unit 1- Frontiers…read more

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What is a frontier?
· A frontier is a natural barrier which
separates people from land.…read more

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The Frontiers of America
Rocky Mountains
and sierra Eastern
Nevada -inhabited lowlands- where
by grizzly bears the first
and beavers, very Europeans settled.
wide (1000KM) They were fertile
and high (5k). In with lots of water.
winter the ravines
and crevasses are
covered by Mississippi river-
snowfall wide and slow
moving however
The great some woodlands
plains- vast with berries and
with fruits are in the
unpredictable valleys around it.
Inhabited by Appalachian mountains- 1st
buffalo and frontier to cross for settlers moving
coyote. from the west. 2km tall.…read more

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The thirteen original states of
· This map shows the 13 states of America, as they were
in 1783.
· 10 years before this they belonged
to Great Britain.
· From 1776-1783 the colonies
fought Britain and became
independent from Britain.
· In the 1790s the Europeans had not explored the rest of
the continent
· By 1848 the American government owned all of
present day America.…read more

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How was the frontier pushed
· In 1880 the frontier had been pushed forwards to the Mississippi river, then
the Americans stopped because the land west of the river was owned by
Britain, France and Mexico.
· In 1803 America purchased land
owned by France and explored in in
· When war broke out between Mexico
and the US in 1846 Mexico
surrendered the land it owned
· By 1853 America owned all of the land
· They wanted to hold onto the land by having it inhabited by lots of loyal,
good American citizens who were white. However, the American Indians
inhabited the land west of the Mississippi river already.…read more


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