The American dream

A great illustration of the American dream...a reason of loneliness in of mice and men

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The American dream
The American dream was of freedom, independence and owning one's own land.
Ever since America was founded in 1766, America was regarded as the place of
prosperity and success. According to the dream, it is about one's children getting
good education and career without any artificial barriers. Also, it is about to make
choices and making your own decision without any kind of restrictions or limits. It is
about people not being discriminated on the basis of their race, religion, gender,
national origin, etc. which are genuinely a big issue in America. According to those
who believe in the American dream it is about working hard to achieve goals. After
the New York Wall Street crash in 1929, the country suffered a prolonged period of
economic depression. People had no money and the firms and banks went bust.
Migrant workers moved to California in search of work when the country was
suffering from poverty, failed business and unemployment. Farming was badly
affected as to any other area of economy. For poor migrant workers during the
depression, the American dream to some became an illusion and trap and to some
it was simply just fantasy. Like George and Lennie migrant workers moved from one
ranch to another in a lookout for a job. Agencies like `Murray and Ready' had the
task of directing migrant workers to ranches and farms where work existed.


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