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The adrenal glands are found lying just above the
kidneys ­ one on each side of the body.
Each gland can be divided into a medulla (inner)
region and a cortex (outer) region.…read more

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Adrenal Medulla Adrenal Cortex
· Found in the centre of the gland. · Uses cholesterol to produce
certain steroid hormones.
· The cells manufacture and
secrete catecholamine hormones · The mineralocorticoids, e.g.
(modified amino acids), such as aldosterone, help to control the
adrenaline in response to stress. concentrations of sodium and
potassium in the blood.
· The effect of adrenaline is to
prepare the body for activity. · The glucocorticoids, e.g.
cortisol, help to control the
metabolism of carbohydrates
The effects of adrenaline include:
and proteins in the liver.
oRelax smooth muscle in bronchioles
oIncrease stroke volume of the heart
oIncrease heart rate
oCause vasoconstriction to raise blood pressure
oStimulate glycogenolysis
oDilate pupils
oIncrease mental awareness
oInhibit action of gut
oCause body hair to erect…read more


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