The 1959 election

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The 1959 election
Despite being the first election after Suez, Labour got hammered
Tories increased their majority in parliament from 58 to 100
Labour appeared backwards, un patriotic and out of touch with the
British electorate due to their divisions
Gaitskell decided that they had lost due to a commitment to mass
nationalisation ­ this was now seen as outdated to the British public
Unfortunately at the time Frank Cousins was the new leader of TGWU
and influenced the party in committing to clause 4
The trade unions and the left started adopting unilateralism as a party
policy following the formation of CND= political suicide according to
Gaitskell as it alienated most of the electorate, the following year this
commitment was voted out
Gaitskell died expectantly in 1963 aged 57 and the new leader was
Wilson was not widely trusted within the party as he was sometimes for
the left and other for the right


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