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`The suitors deserved their punishment' Using this passage as a starting point, explain how far
you agree with this statement. Consider both this passage and the rest of the proem. Book 4,
The suitors perform many acts that can be seen to justify their punishment and death. The first…

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behaviour again indicate why these men may be deserving of their death. Through this statement
by Odysseus, highlighting their inappropriate behaviour, the audience are brought to the attention
of their crimes, and side with Odysseus, through his heroic traits, and this therefore brings the
suitors to not be further sympathised…

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mischief'. The idea that this man was given the same death as Antinous, could suggest that not all
of the suitors did deserve their punishment to certain degrees.

Overall, the reasons for why the suitors die are numerous and are sourced from varying degrees of
explanations, such as the Gods,…


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