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The Race Relations
(Amendment) Act
2000…read more

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The Race Relations Act 1976 was
established by the Parliament of
the United Kingdom to prevent
discrimination on the grounds of
race.…read more

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The Race Relations (Amendment) Act 2000
places a duty on public authorities such as
universities and colleges when carrying out
their functions to have "due regard" to the
need to:
eliminate unlawful racial discrimination
promote equality of opportunity, and
promote good relations between people of
different racial groups.
The duty is obligatory, not optional, and
universities and colleges have to meet the
duty even if they have very few students
from minority ethnic backgrounds.…read more

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Specific duties have also been
imposed on universities and
colleges to help them meet the
general duty. Universities are
required to:…read more

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1. Prepare a written statement of
their policy for promoting race
equality;…read more

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2. Have in place arrangements that
they can fulfil.…read more

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