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The person of Jesus: Messiah

The term `Messiah' comes from the Hebrew ` mashiah' meaning `anointed one', and is
translated into Greek as Christ.
Kings, prophets and high priests were all anointed, but the term is particularly
associated with a warriorking who would defeat the enemies of God and herald…

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Gentiles will serve him.
He will be invincible.
He will be a frighteningly authoritative speaker.
The Dead Sea Scrolls ­ the beliefs of the Essene community
A dual Messiahship ­ Aaron, a priestly figure and Israel, the traditional warrior
messiah. Aaron, in later texts, is said to take precedence.

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Luke 24:25ff.
Is this postCrucifixion reflection?
A priestly Jesus seems to disregard purity laws ­ unpriestly!
Messiah Mark 11:15­17 ­ an assault on the Temple as an institution. Craig
Evans (Professor at Acadia Divinity School, Nova Scotia) says Jesus
was criticising the priests for impurity.
Matthew 17 shows slight resistance…


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