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The time before the coming of the holy prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) in Arabia for
the spreading of the religion of Allah, Islam, was known as Pre Islamic Arabia.
That period is also known as the Jahiliyya period that is the age of ignorance. It
is also known as the…

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for pilgrimage instead. The order was ignored. Not only that someone entered
the cathedral and made it unclean. The wrath of Abraha knew no bounds. In his
fury, he decided to avenge it by demolishing and desecrating the Ka'bah itself.
He advanced with a large army towards Mecca.

There were…

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grandfather was Abdul Muttalib bin Hashim and his father was Abdullah. His
grandfather Abdul Mutwalib gave him the name Muhammad and his mother
Amina named him Ahmad. His grandfather from his mother`s side was Wahab bin
Abdul Manaf and his mother was Bibi Aminah. He took birth in Macca. His…

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gold that was filled with Zamzam water. Then, he put it back together
and returned it to its place.
In his 6th
years, he went to live with his mother. Little Muhammad and his
mother, Amina, both left Makkah for Medina to visit her relatives and probably
to pay a…

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with the help and corporation of energetic youth. This shows the
Prophets character.

In about 605 A.D., when the Holy Prophet was 35 years old, a flood swept
Mecca and the building of the Ka'bah was badly damaged. The Quraish decided
to rebuild it. When the walls reached a certain…

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Muhammad used to go in isolation in the cave of Hira where he used to meditate
continuously for many days before wishing to see his family. He used to take
with him provisions for the stay.

At the age of 40 the Truth descended upon him while he was in…

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(s.a.w) proclaimed Shahadah (2nd Kalima) in Mataaf, he was assaulted. In trying
to protect the prophet (s.a.w) Harith bin Abi Hala was martyred.

The infidel Quraysh imagined that the Prophet had material or sensual
ambitions and that through such ambitions they would be able to induce him to
stop his…

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are two reasons why they rejected Islam and oppose the new faith and for that
particular reason they persecuted the new muslims.

As from the year 614 the poor, destitute and needy who accepted Islam were
put in prisons starved and beaten with sticks. They were exposed to the

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He thus allowed the Muslims to stay. Najashi the king of Abyssinia treated the
Muslims very kindly.

By the year 616, a group of 80 ­ 83 persons (2nd
Group) including Hazrat Jafar,
son of Abu Talib went to Abyssinia for the same reason. Although the Quraish
tried to follow…

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strong and handsome. We will give him to you to adopt as your own son and in
return you must stop supporting your nephew'.

This severely annoyed Abu Talib who gave this answer to their ridiculous
request, `What an unjust proposal! You ask me to take care of your son…


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