The Eye

Key information on the eye as well as accommodation of the eye. This is for the higher paper, but can be used for foundation as well!

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he Eye
Monocula Part of vision only seen by one eye. Wide field of view, poor judge of distance. More
r common in prey.
Binocular Part of vision seen by both eyes. Judge distance well but poor peripheral distance
and field of view. More common in predators.
Pupil Black, circular opening in the centre of the eye.
Retina Lining at the back of the eye, where the light receptors (cones and rods) are.
Blind Spot Where the optic nerve enters the eye and is not sensitive to light
Lens A transparent jelly that focuses light onto the retina.
Iris A pigmented muscle that regulates how much light enters the eye.
Cornea A transparent membrane the focuses light onto the retina.
Optic Nerve Carries electrical impulses to the brain.
Accommodation of the Eye
Near Object Distant Object
Year 10


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