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The Exclusion Crisis

The question of Succession was a big issue because Charles' wife had failed to produce
any children, which meant James would take the throne. James was unpopular
1) He was Catholic
2) His wife was Italian and under French influence
3) James had a reputation of…

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stability, they suggested if birth right could be taken away then any law could be
challenged. These logical arguments made the Whigs look like radicals.

Other events linked to the Exclusion crisis
The fall of Danby

The Earl of Danby was dismissed by Charles in 1679, given Charles' secret ProFrench…

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campaign calling for the return of parliament. Charles ignored all petitions. The
Exclusionists also produced pamphlets attacking James and justifying exclusion.

The attempts to prosecute James as a recusant were stopped by Charles who dismissed
the jury before they could reach a verdict.

The Response of the Tories

In response…


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