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Concerto…read more

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Define Concerto
s a w o r k
c e rt o i
A con o r e so l o
n e o r m
for o s a n d
t r u m e n t
in s
s t r a.
orche…read more

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Why concerto?
·It's primary purpose since the 1700's has
been to display the skill of the soloist.
·The word concerto comes from the Italian
concertare meaning to gather together.
·Works that we would today recognise as the
concerto did not emerge until the late 17th
century when Alessandro Stradells produced
a number of works with the title `sinfonia' that
set 3 or 4 string soloists against a larger string
group.…read more

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Early Groupings
In large establishments some groups would divide into two to give a stereo effect and to vary the
dynamic range. Sometimes an element of competition was introduced if the echoing group
injected virtuoso flourishes.
From these groups evolved the groupings were two violins and a cello may have played against a
larger string group.
In Rome Arcangelo Corelli wrote a trio of sonatas that were extended into concerto grossi that
required a larger grouping including;
· 2 Violins
Probably written in 1690's it was not actually published until 1714 (one year post mortem)…read more

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Copying Corelli
Colelli's concerti grossi had been sold elsewhere in Europe.
Handel studied Corelli's work for his own Concerto grossi in 1739. They influenced English
composers for another two decades.
Whilst Corelli's concerto grossi could consist of between 5 ­ 12 sections. Other Composers
like Torelli and Albinoni choose the clearer operatic sinfonia where the virtuosic elements were
based on one player.…read more

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Ensemble Concerti
Developed from the original concerto
grosso style around 1750.
An example is Bach's Brandenburg
Similar style concerto's were also produced
by Telemann, using many instruments.
This tended to die out by mid-century.…read more

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