Thatcher and Blair Reforms + Marketization

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Education Revision:
Through everyone sitting identical exams this brings about `Equality of opportunity'
People have different standards and quality of education
Socialists want to bring about more equality into education as it will be more likely to
bring about a classless society and social mobility
Elites: Have different experiences and better education with a lot more opportunities
Thatcherite Reforms:
Testing through the National Curriculum
Excepted some reforms of the Comprehensive system as all teachers should be giving the
same teacher training
o Helps to drive up standards of teaching in all schools
Key aspects of learning and knowledge are learnt through the National Curriculum
New labour Reforms:
Driving up Standards
o Refocused to try to help disabled, poor and minorities gain education
o Policy compulsory education for everyone helped people from all different
backgrounds gain access
Continued with the Thatcherite policy of Marketization of education
Why an Emphasis on Compulsory Education?
Focuses on Children from deprived areas as they have to be in school
Criminalises parents for not making sure that their kids are in school or for sending them
to school
Sure start:
Supported both children and parents
Stimulated a child's learning in order to give them the same chance as their counterparts
from middle class backgrounds
Provided childcare which enabled parents to work
o Meals were also provided so children were getting the nutrition they needed in
order to develop
Targeted learning
PFI: 1997
Education Action Zones:
Clusters of schools working together in deprived areas
o Gained sponsorship: private money in order to help them build schools and
financial help to help raise standards of the schools

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Facilities were built enabling state schools to have the same opportunities as
Private schools
Brings about a greater focus on opportunity for all children from all social backgrounds
o Equality of Opportunity
Comprehensivisation: 1966
Never fully implemented
Everyone from all social background goes to the same schools
Controlled and funded by the Government
Equal access
Equality of opportunity
Different types of Schools were introduced
Marketization of education
National Curriculum
Blair accepts Thatcher policies
Highest achieving schools were still fee paying schools
o Brought in…read more

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Consumers have more say than producers, even though producers have more experience
and knowledge of what is best educational wise for children
Parents will make decisions based on what is best for their own individual child or children.…read more


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