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Education Revision:

Through everyone sitting identical exams this brings about `Equality of opportunity'

People have different standards and quality of education
Socialists want to bring about more equality into education as it will be more likely to
bring about a classless society and social mobility

Elites: Have different experiences and…

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o Facilities were built enabling state schools to have the same opportunities as
Private schools
Brings about a greater focus on opportunity for all children from all social backgrounds
o Equality of Opportunity

Comprehensivisation: 1966

Never fully implemented
Everyone from all social background goes to the same schools
Controlled and…

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Consumers have more say than producers, even though producers have more experience
and knowledge of what is best educational wise for children

Parents will make decisions based on what is best for their own individual child or children. Middle
class parents will be more effective when voicing their opinions which…


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