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11.4 Controlling Diseases
Lesson 7…read more

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What was the cause of these birth
deformities?…read more

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Thalidomide was chiefly sold and prescribed,in
almost fifty countries under at least forty names,
during the late 1950s and 1960s to pregnant women,
as an antiemetic to combat morning sickness and as
an aid to help them sleep.
· Unfortunately, inadequate tests were performed to
assess the drug's safety, with catastrophic results
for the children of women who had taken
thalidomide during their pregnancies.
· From 1956 to 1962, approx 10,000 children were
born with severe malformities, including phocomelia
(short or absent long bones & flipper-like
appearance of hands & sometimes feet), because…read more

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Despite their disability and the
resulting monumental impact it must
have on a day to day basis, some people
with this condition have, outstandingly,
not only overcome the obstacles life
presents, but excelled.
Introducing,.... MATT FRASER
Actor & Rapper
"Thalidomide Ninja" cage fighter…read more

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In 1962, in reaction to the tragedy, the United
States Congress enacted laws requiring tests for
safety during pregnancy before a drug can receive
approval for sale in the U.S.
· Other countries enacted similar legislation, and
thalidomide was not prescribed or sold for decades.
· Researchers, however, continued to work with the
· Soon after its banishment, a doctor discovered
anti-inflammatory effects of thalidomide and began
to look for uses of the medication despite its…read more

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