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Understand the story of a garment, from design to
Know what industrial machinery is used to create
Touching...feeling...examining existing garments to
understand how they are made.…read more

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Practice final garment drawing
for exam.
Revise all key information about
fabrics, components and
manufacture for mock exam next
week.…read more

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Take a dump:
machinery CAD/CAM
Production methods
What do I already know about
the topic:
Industrial manufacture in Environmental/
Pros and Moral issues
cons of Textiles (how things are made
CAD in the real world!!!)
CAM Health and
Industrial machines
Quality Control Finishing techniques
Ethical issues Textile design in industry…read more

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In groups of 4:
Examine product:
List all industrial machines used
Possible quality control checks
List all components used
List all fabrics used
What production method…read more

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Industrial machines:
*Lock stitch
*Over locker
Quality checks:
*Body measurements
*Elastic measurements
Components: *Quality of stitching
*Buttons *Print colour
*Strap adjusters *Print Imperfections
*Elastic *Pressing
*Labels *Position of buttons
Production method:
*Batch production
*Cotton lining…read more

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