Text 2- Eating Out

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Text 2
Framework Point Example
7 stanzas all of which have 2 lines, couplets,
progression of restaurant sophistication and
Discourse also passing of time. 2 may suggest
8th stanza has only one line to stress how
everyone tries to fit in. also may suggest he
is now alone.
Audience- Adults, enjoy poetry and eating
Purpose- entertain
About an individual who is growing up and
learning the conventions of food, and then
his father passes and following that his
mother. Underlying meaning of food and
class, with expectations. Also shows food
and family as a strong link. Paternal
domination until age makes him weary.
Rigid structure which may have been used to
portray experiences of eating out as dull
and very formal- essentially rigid
All lines capitalised, even when lines are
continued, it is a traditional structure, and
Grammar this links to the traditions of the dinner table
and doing things properly.
Line 12 is end-stopped in the middle of the `...A Petworth teashop.'
line, adds significance to the place indicated
also foreshadows his death.
Punctuation is used to break up the text,
creates a flowing and slow pace. Shows
thinking time and also time passing.
Polysyllabic words- shows upper middle `conscientiously'
class. `supervised'
Line 1 juxtaposition of `Adventures' and
Linguistic `rehearsed.' Shows he is completely new,
Devices however others are not and know the
routine well.

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Words used to suggest the fathers control, `initiated'
also the idea that the routines are that of a `supervised'
specific group which you are being `ritual'
introduced to, like the elite.
Italics are used for spoken word
The French is to show class and gourmet, the
italic font looks formal and sophisticated
For the mother italics show endearment to
his mother.
Language used shows clear division of Mother: `mother took me
gender roles.…read more


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