Text 1- The Butcher's Shop

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Text 1
Framework Point Example
The poem has 14 lines, informal sonnet, traditionally n/a
Discourse/ a love poem, which creates irony, this is opposite of
Structure love.
Enjambment for flow. More like spoken word. First line
Structure: part 1- the pigs, part 2- the butcher, part n/a
3- the shop
Form= Poem n/a
Genre= Horror/Thriller (in the style of)
Audience=People who are (reminiscing,) adults
A memory of the author, going back to her n/a
experience of the butchers shop as a child, bias and
addition of personal values
Most sentences, end-stopped. Link to the lives of Line 11
Grammar the animals, stopped short.
Many commas used, slows poem down, adds to Line 2-5
sinister tone, take in the imagery more.
The use of personal pronouns- makes us feel guilty `your cold and soggy
for buying the meat paper parcel bleeds'
Present tense, 2nd person- as though you are there,
more real to an audience draws us in
Declarative Sentences- descriptive piece, `Tacky sawdust clogs your
describing the shop shoes'
Linguistic Alliteration used to show distain for that being `fingers fat'
devices described, often sharp sounds. `paper parcel'
Sibilance in line 8 adds to the dream like scenario `snowy sheep'
being created with imagery, soft sound. Also
assonance, elongated the words, dreamlike and
Phrases used towards a child are recounted in the `what does the sheep say'
poem, links to the fact the view point is for a child. `all the way home' (this
Sinister/dark little piggy)

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Metaphors and similes (line 6-8) act to dehumanise `fingers fat as sausages'
the butcher and highlight hypocrisy, he is an animal `meaty smile'
who kills animals.
`Martyr' denotes died for others benefit, however `martyr'
this suggests the pigs were willing, which they
weren't. Hyperbolic phrase.
The author's reference to `Tory' party, bias against `Voting tory all their lives'
their views and middle class preference, uses the
word with negative connotations. Self-important
and straight laced.…read more



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