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Flame tests
They identify metal ions.
Lithium- red
calcium- brick red
potassium- lilac
sodium- yellow…read more

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Add sodium hydroxide, if coloured
fe2+: green precipitate
fe3+: brown/red precipitate
cu2+: blue precipitate…read more

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Add sodium hydroxide, if white precipitate:
ca2+: distinguish from flame test (brick red)
Al3+: dissolves in excess sodium hydroxide solution
goes to colourless solution.
Mg2+: white precipitate…read more

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Add sodium hydroxide:
Ammonia gas is formed= NH4
Can be recognised by smell or by using
damp red litmus paper and it turns blue.…read more

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Test for carbon dioxide= turns lime water
Test for water= anhydrous colbat chloride
paper turns from blue to pink.…read more

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Sulphate ion test (SO4 2-)
Add hydrochloric acid and then barium
A white precipitate of barium sulphate means
the original compound was a sulphate.…read more

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