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Tests for
Molecules…read more

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Test ­ Add a few drops of iodine solution
Colour Change ­ the Iodine turns from
brown to blue/black
Positive Test Negative Test…read more

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Reducing Sugars
Test ­ Add Benedict's solution and heat to 80C in
a water bath.
Colour Change ­ Blue to Orange-Red (precipitate)
After…read more

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Non-Reducing Sugars
If the reducing sugar test is negative...
Test ­ Boil with hydrochloric acid, cool and
neutralise with sodium hydrogen
carbonate. Then repeat the Benedict's
Colour Change - Blue to Orange-Red
(precipitate) on the second test…read more

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Test ­ Add Biuret
Colour Change ­ Blue to
Positive Test…read more

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Test ­ Add ethanol to extract the lipids
and pour alcohol into water in another
test tube
Result ­ A white emulsion forms near
the top of the water.…read more


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