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control and
exercise…read more

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The ability to maintain a constant internal body
temperature independent from the
environmental temperature.…read more

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Heat balance
The balance between gains and losses
of heat decides whether the core
temperature rises, drops or stays
Heat exchange is affected by size.
A person with a large surface area to
volume ratio loses and gains heat faster
than a larger person.…read more

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Temperature limits
Low critical temperature ­ As the external
temperature drops, thermoregulatory mechanisms
conserve heat. Below a certain point these
measures are no longer sufficient.
Low lethal temperature ­ As the temperature
continues falling, the metabolic rate will increase to
produce enough heat to maintain the core
temperature. Eventually the chemical reactions no
longer take place and the subject dies.…read more

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If you are forced to swim in cold water, your temperature can
drop quite rapidly....
You could get hypothermia and reach your low lethal
temperature!!!!…read more

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