tectonics earthquake case studies kobe and kashmir

case studies for two earthquake case studies for aqa gcse geography

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Tectonics earthquake case studies, Kobe and Kashmir
Kobe, Japan MEDC
Fact file
17th January 1995, 5.46am
7.2 Richter scale
Destructive plate boundary- Philippine and pacific plate subduct under Eurasian
Short term effects
Main highway falls
Buildings shake and collapse
Long term effects
Death toll rises to 5,500 as bodies are discovered
Fires continue to burn
5% houses destroyed
15% industry destroyed
Short term responses
Evacuation to open spaces
Emergency services search for survivors
Fires put out
Long term responses
New buildings designed to be more earthquake resistant
More open spaces
Stricter building regulations
$120 billion to rebuild
Kashmir, Pakistan LEDC
Destructive plate boundary- indo-Australian plate subduct under Eurasian plate
7.6 Richter scale
Short term effects
79,000 killed
1 million building destroyed
Rural areas inaccessible by land

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Long term effects
Broken sewerage pipes contaminate water
Diseases spread quickly
3 million homeless
Many die in cold winter
Short term responces
Aid from UK charity shelter box
1 million tents distributed by other charities
Army join rescue effort
Aid workers search for survivors
Long term responces
Schools and hospitals rebuilt
Building regulations improved
Earthquake resistant homes built…read more


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