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Tectonics and the Natural Disasters they cause

Background Information:
The theory of continental drift originated in 1910 as a result of the discoveries of
Alfred Wegener. It was heavily opposed to at first due to the lack of evidence to
support Wegener's new ideas. After lying dormant for half a…

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Transform faults:

Transform faults are a result of two plates moving alongside each other in opposite
directions at their boundaries. This creates a conservative margin. A brilliant
example of a transform fault is the San Andreas Fault of California, USA.

Subduction zones:

Subduction zones are the third and final main…

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The most violent earthquakes
occur at collision margins,
by means of the rapid
collision of two continental

At destructive margins also
earthquakes happen due to
the friction between the two
plates in a subduction zone.

Conservative margins such as the San Andreas Fault in California also cause

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Christchurch, New Zealand

The earthquake that struck New Zealand
on 22nd of February 2011 has been
described as "the country's deadliest
natural disaster in 80 years." Christchurch
is one of New Zealand's largest cities.

Boxing Day Tsunami:

As its name suggests, the Boxing Day Tsunami happened on the 26th…

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