Tectonic Plates

Flash cards related to tectonic plates.

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Where an oceanic
and continental plate Destructive Boundary
are moving together
Point on the earth's
surface directly above Epicentre
an earthquakes focus
An opening at the
earth's curst through
which lava and ash
may be ejected
Where two
continental plates are Collision Boundary
moving together
Molten rock on the
earth's surface

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The indirect effects of
an earthquake e.g.…read more

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The place where two
Plate Margins
plates meet
Large slabs of the earths
crust which move across
Tectonic Plates
the globe on top of the
mantle below
The thin layer at the
earth's surface
A dense burning
avalanche of hot
Pyroclastic Flow
gases, volcanic
fragments and ash
The direct effects of
an earthquake e.g.…read more

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Molten rock under the
earth's surface
The point where an
earthquake starts The Focus
The scale used to
measure the
Richter Scale
magnitude of an
The centre of the
A sudden movement
within the earth's An Earthquake
crust…read more

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Where two plates
move parallel (side by
side) to each other
The amount of
energy released by Magnitude
an earthquake
Where the ground
turns to a liquid state
as water is shaken up
from below
The thin layer at the
earth's surface…read more


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