Tectonic Change Continued

Everything that you need to know about Teconic Change continued on a single A4 sheet.

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Tectonic Activity Continued: these rifts causing volcanoes and island
arcs such as Hawaii.
For Every Plate Boundary: - Examples of divergent plate
You need to;- boundaries are the Mid-Atlantic Ridge,
- Describe its characteristics. East Pacific Rise, Hawaiian Islands,
- Describe and account for the landforms Azores and the Ascension Islands.
associated. - Hazards that could be caused by this
- Be able to draw a fully-annotated type of boundary include earthquakes
diagram. from the friction caused as the magma
- Account for its development (the rises and the plate's movement, volcanic
boundary, not the diagram!). activity from the rising magma and the
- Make references to real world examples. risk of tidal waves if the plates suddenly
- Relate the boundary to associated move under the sea, causing a large
hazards. earthquake resulting in a large eave of
Examples in Ireland:
- Thingwellir.
- Hot springs/vents.
- Surtsey.
- Grimsvotn the volcano.
- Jokulhaup the flood of water after an
eruption under a glacier
Constructive Plate Boundaries:
- At constructive boundaries, such as the
Mid-Atlantic Ridge, two plates move away
from each other. Magma rises to fill in
any possible gap and forms new oceanic
crust. The Atlantic Ridge is widening by
roughly 3cm per year.
- The landforms with C.B's are rift valleys,
such as the Mid-Atlantic Ridge and
submarine volcanoes.
- At C.B's two oceanic plates are moving
apart and new material in the form of
magma is constantly rising from the
Asthenosphere. This normally occurs
under the sea, and the result of oceanic
floors constantly growing which causes
continents on either side of the rift to
move progressively apart. Example-
America is moving away from Europe and
Africa. The new basaltic ocean floor is
build up into mid ocean rifts such as the
Mid Atlantic Ridge. As fresh magma rises
from the mantle to the surface along


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