Tectonic Activity and Hazards- Edexcel

Powerpoint covering key points on everything you need to know for this section. Divided into four sections

-Tectonic activity and causes

-Tectonic activity and physical impacts

-Tectonic activity and human impact


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Tectonic processes are
driven by radioactive decay
in the core.
·This decay generates heat
inside the earth, which
drives vast convection
·This convection is largely
responsible for plate
movement.…read more

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Most tectonic hazards are concentrated at plate margins
(boundaries), although `hotspots' are a notable exception.
Different types of boundary generate very different
tectonic hazards.…read more

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Plate Margin Movement of Plates Tectonic Features Examples
Constructive Away from each other Mid Ocean Ridges Mid Ocean
Shield volcanoes Ridge
Shallow focus Earthquakes
Destructive Towards each other Oceanic Trenches Marinas
(Oceanic/Oceanic) Explosive Volcanoes & Trench
(Continental/Continental) Fold Mountains Himalayas
(Oceanic/Continental) Trenches Andes
Fold Mountain
Volcanoes & Earthquakes
Conservative Sliding past each other Earthquakes (Shallow
focus) San Andreas
Hot Spots No movement Volcanoes Hawaiian
Islands…read more

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Bethany Cunningham


This is really good and this is the best resource so far on this unit. Thanks!

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