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Technology in the workplace
Technology is considered a key driving force for the change in day to day
business transactions. French et al, 2011 states the internet allows
transactions to take place immediately on the web. As a result this makes the
workplace more efficient
Prachalad (2008)- states that the technological drivers of change are:
Connectivity to the internet.
Cost reduction through digitisation
The convergence of technology in relation to organisational boundaries.
Social networking.
In technology in the workplace is managed well and a company can adjust well
to these technological drivers technology can help the success of the business.
Reese and Porter (2008) support this fact as they state "there are links
between organisational structure and the effectiveness of communication and
the growing importance of electronic communication". Reese and Porter
Technology in the workplace creates many benefits, Lucey (2005) states
"when properly used technology can increase productivity and improve quality
and the services of an organisation". This statement is credible because there
are not many businesses if any who don't use computers or technology
nowadays. The use of technology has made it easier and quicker to products.
Technology is also less the gap between geographical locations through video
conferencing and email ect. (West and Markiewicz, 2004) supports this as
they state that "teleconferencing and computer conferencing have reduced
problems in communicating effectively".
Furthermore, technology is able to give employees easier options for
collaborate easily throughout the day like French et al 2011 said this can be
done through emails, texts or on social media. This instant communication is
effective and not only saves times but cost efficient. Nowadays, business
rarely need to use paper for posting, faxing and even printing if it the
information can be sent digitally through the smart phones and other means of
technology. Smartphones and other means of technology are also beneficial in

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Furthermore (Boswell and Olson,2007,Buchanan 2007) found that
"employees with higher ambition and more job involvements were more likely
to use technology more often after work hours. Here we can see how people
of a certain personality type are likely to use technology to their advantage,
whereas certain personality types will not welcome the excess technology
usage. Futhering on, Day et al (2010) also found that those who find
technology bringing work closer to them in a positive light are most likely to
use it.…read more

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The disadvantages of teleworking is that evidence has shown that people do
more hours of work at home than what they would do in the office. Therefore
this increases stress as employees feel they can't escape from work. When
employees feels stressed this affects productivity and the quality of work.
Lacey, (2005) reports "there is a considerable resistance from staff who miss
the social interactions of working with other people".…read more


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