Technical aspects answers and questions

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(a)State four personal hygiene rules for a food worker
1. Wash hands after handling raw meat or other high risk foods.
2. Wear protective clothing including aprons, chefs whites, gloves etc.
3. No jewellery including rings and bracelets.
4. No smoking near food.
(b)State three safety rules when using a sharp knife
1. Have a firm grip and hold on the handle not the blade.
2. Carry the knife point down.
3. Take care when washing knife and do not leave it at the bottom of the washing up bowl.
(c)Give two reasons why it is important to check the temperature of food during storage,
preparation and cooking
1. To control bacterial growth.
2. To prevent food poisoning.
(d)List three stages in the chilling process
1. Products are cooled to 0* to 8*c.
2.90 minutes are then taken to slow down the bacterial growth.
3. Chilled foods are than stored below 4*c.
(d)Explain two benefits to a food manufacturer of using pre-manufactured components
1. Saves preparation time as nothing is needed to be prepared from scratch.
2. Reduces the production costs as less equipment is needed.


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