Teaching Children to Read

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Reading - Sheet 3/4

Simplified notes, illustrated with clipart pictures, covering the key information and theorists needed for the A2 course.  

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Cue Activity
Graphophonic Looking at the shape of words, linking these to familiar
graphemes/words to interpret
Semantic Understanding the meanings of words and making connections
between words in order to decode new ones
Visual Looking at the pictures and using the visual narrative to
interpret unfamiliar words or ideas
Syntactic Applying knowledge of word order and word classes to work
out if a word seems right in the context
Contextual Searching for understanding in the situation of the story
comparing it to their own experience or their pragmatic
understanding of social conventions
Miscue Making virtuous errors when reading a child might miss a
word or substitute another that looks similar, or guess a word
from accompanying pictures
Analytic Synthetic
o to break o to remember up to 44 phonemes and their related
down whole graphemes
words into o to recognise each grapheme, sound out each phoneme or
phonemes blend
and o to memorise phonemes quickly (up to five or six sounds a
graphemes week)
o onset (the o multisensory approach:
vowel or see the symbol
syllable at the listen to the sound
start of the use an action (using fingers or magnetic letters)
word) o the method can be taught in a few months

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Andrew Davis, Durham University "children only
of the word, recognise phonemes, not reading the word for meaning"
beginning with
the vowel)
o to use rhyme
or analogy to
learn other
words with
o to recognise
one letter
sound at a
o followed by
o Children are
readers within
three years…read more


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