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Target zones and Thresholds
You can use your maximum heart rate (MHR)
to calculate how hard you should work your
heart to develop either aerobic or anaerobic
To calculate MHR:
220 - age = MHR
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You can improve your anaerobic fitness, which
includes strength, power and muscular endurance,
by working in your anaerobic target zone.
This is found between 80-100% of your MHR.
Anaerobic threshold is the heart rate above which
you gain anaerobic fitness.
You cross your anaerobic threshold at 80% of
your MHR. Below 60% MHR you do not improve
your aerobic or anaerobic fitness at all.
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Aerobic fitness is another way of describing
cardiovascular fitness, or stamina.
You can improve aerobic fitness by working in
your aerobic target zone.
This is found between 60-80% of your MHR.
You cross your aerobic threshold, the heart rate
above which you gain aerobic fitness, at 60% of
our MHR.
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