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Boudica's Rebellion (Tacitus)

Prasutagus, king of the Iceni, distinguished in wealth for a very long time, had named (lit. written) Caesar

Prasutagus rex Icenorum clarus divitiis diu scripserat Caesarem

as his heir along with his two daughters, thinking that, through such submissiveness, his kingdom and his

heredem que duas filias…

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of the same freedom to misbehave. Moreover, a temple built to the Divine Claudius was being regarded

eiusdem licentiae ad hoc templum extructum divo Claudio aspiciebatur

as a citadel of eternal tyranny and elected priests under the guise of religious observance, were pouring

orx aeternae dominationis electique sacerdotes specie religionis…

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the Britons were rushing about wildly everywhere in groups (of infantry) and troops of cavalry, in an

Britannorum exultabant passim per catervas et turmas

unprecedented number (lit. in as great a number as no other time), and with such ferocious spirit that they

tanta multitude quanta non alias et adeo…

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quam octoginta milia Britannorum cedicisse, ferme quadringentis militum interfectis nec multo amplius

that) were wounded. Boudica ended her life with poison.

Vulneratis Boudica finivit vitam veneno.


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