Tacitus' Boudica's Rebellion

A complete translation of Tacitus' account of Boudica's rebellion, with the matching Latin :)

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Boudica's Rebellion (Tacitus)
Prasutagus, king of the Iceni, distinguished in wealth for a very long time, had named (lit. written) Caesar
Prasutagus rex Icenorum clarus divitiis diu scripserat Caesarem
as his heir along with his two daughters, thinking that, through such submissiveness, his kingdom and his
heredem que duas filias ratus tali obsequio regnum et
household would be safe. It turned out just the opposite, to such an extent that his kingdom was
domum futurum esse procul iniuria quod contra vertit adeo ut regnum
plundered by centurions and his home by slaves just as if (it were) a prize of war (lit. captured). To begin
vastarentur a centurionibus domus a servis velut capta iam primus
with his wife, Boudica, was beaten and their daughters were raped: all of the chieftains of the Iceni, as if
uxor verberata et filiae sunt stupro violatae omnes principes Icenorum quasi
the Romans had received the whole region as a gift, were deprived of their inherited possessions, and the
Romani accepissent totam regionem muneri exuuntur avitis bonis et
relatives of the king were treated as slaves. Moved by this humiliation and the fear of more serious
propinqui regis habebantur inter servos permoti qua contumelia et metu graviorum
(things), they took up arms the Trinobantes were driven to rebellion as well as others who, having not
rapiunt arma Trinobantes commoti sunt ad rebellionem et alii qui nondum
yet been broken by slavery, had pledged themselves in secret conspiracies to recover freedom.
fracti servitio pepigerant occultis coniurationibus recipere libertatem.
Hatred towards the retired soldiers (was) very bitter who, after being installed recently into the settlement
odium in veteranos acerrimum qui deducti nuper in coloniam
of Camulodonum (Colchester) were driving the Trinobantes from their homes, forcibly expelling them from
Camulodonum pellebant Trinobantes domibus exturbabant
their fields and referring to them as prisoners or slaves and the soldiers were stirring up the insolent
agris appellabant captives vel servos militesque incitabant superbiam
behavior and savagery of the retired soldiers by means of the similarity of their lifestyle and the hope
que saevitiam veteranorum simulitudine vita et spe

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Moreover, a temple built to the Divine Claudius was being regarded
eiusdem licentiae ad hoc templum extructum divo Claudio aspiciebatur
as a citadel of eternal tyranny and elected priests under the guise of religious observance, were pouring
orx aeternae dominationis electique sacerdotes specie religionis effundebant
out all their fortunes.…read more

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Britons were rushing about wildly everywhere in groups (of infantry) and troops of cavalry, in an
Britannorum exultabant passim per catervas et turmas
unprecedented number (lit.…read more

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Britannorum cedicisse, ferme quadringentis militum interfectis nec multo amplius
that) were wounded. Boudica ended her life with poison.
Vulneratis Boudica finivit vitam veneno.…read more


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