Tacitus' Boudica- a negative picture of the Romans?

This just picks out all the pieces of the prose that present the Romans in a negative light, good for some of the questions comparing the British and Romans ;)

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Tacitus' Boudica a negative picture of the Romans?
Prasutagus' kingdom is `plundered by centurions' and `his home (plundered) by slaves
Boudica is beaten and her daughters are raped
The British chiefs are deprived of their inherited possessions
Prasutagus' relatives are `treated as slaves'
Britain is reduced to a province status (had to pay a tribute to Rome)
The Trinobantes feel the need to conspire in secret forced to by the Romans
The Britons are `humiliated' and `afraid'
The Trinobantes are driven from their homes and fields and referred to as `prisoners' or `slaves'
`Retired soldiers' harsh behavior urged on and imitated by the serving soldiers
A temple to Claudius (previous emperor) built seen by the Romans as a permanent symbol of
Roman tyranny
Priests forced to fund the temple by `pouring out all of their fortunes'


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