Table of Management Strategies

Various management strategies used in rural areas where there is tourism, with associated advantages and disadvantages. All could have a case study to demonstrate each strategy - I'll upload mine when they are ready.

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Strategy Description Advantages Disadvantages
Preservationist Aims to keep a landscape exactly as it Keeps landscape in original form Does not allow changes
approach was into the future. Limit human use of ­ at least at time decision is which might be better in
these landscapes if they cause taken. Can be shown to present long term. Frozen in time
generation as historical landscape
Conservationist Sometimes used interchangeably with Preserving what is good/beneficial May not take on board the
approach preservation but has a more open for ecosystems and landscape but wishes of the local
approach. The landscape survival is allowing new approaches if it community if they conflict
paramount along with its diversity but can means landscape is protected with communication
adapt modern thinking to the problem of
maintaining rural landscapes.
Stewardship This goes hand in hand with conservation Can be applied at all levels, from Relies on people taking
and sustainable development but it the individual up to governmental responsibility and is only
focuses more on individual responsibility level. Encourages thinking of fully successful when
for rural landscapes. It is our responsibility landscapes as only being lent to legislated for
to see that the landscapes survive us to look after and to pass on to
relatively intact for the next generation the next generation
and even though we may not own the
landscapes, we need to care about them
and be involved in decisions about their
Ecotourism This has developed in the 1980s and is Using the attraction of the natural Some ecotourism projects
tourism usually based on the natural world to encourage visitors. This are well planned and
world and only involving small groups of then leads to tourist locations have negative impacts on
visitors. Aims to have lower impact on ensuring that the natural world is the natural systems, such
local resource than mass tourism. protected for people to come and as water resources
view. Facilities provided should
have minimal impact on natural
Sustainable This can include elements of all of the When all elements of To be truly sustainable all
management above but the overriding aim is to sustainability are covered ­ social, element need to be
manage that the resource (rural economic and environmental ­ present. Often local
landscape) is used in such a way that it and there is local environmental involvement is limited
doesn't compromise the ability of the in the planning of the tourist and without this any
future generations being able to utilise enterprise , then the tourist development is likely to
the resource. For it to be successful, development should be able to fail
sustainable tourism must work with local make use of today's resources
communities and be integrated into their without reducing the ability of
economy. future generations to use the
same resources (rural landscape)
Cultural tourism More of a theme than a management Encourages local people to take a Might degenerate into
strategy but the aim is for tourists to pride in their culture. Can devise performing for tourists
engage more with local cultures. tours that take in a range of rather than tourists seeing
locations within rural landscapes. for themselves what life is
Souvenirs can be based on like.
traditional crafts. More likely to Local people may focus o
maintain traditional landscapes. tourism to detriment of
local landscapes
Tourism Tourists are kept apart from the local Tourists all in one place. Easy to Can change landscape o
enclave culture. They take the form of resorts with manage and can put in place all a rural coastal area.
only limited contact with life outside necessary facilities. Very limited interaction
although dance troupes may come in to Keeps Western tourists away from with the culture that has
give a performance of local dances. All local people ­ less chance for created the landscape.
facilities and attractions are within the tourists to offend through Tourist will not return
site and many tourists never go beyond behaviour or dress home with clear idea of
the resort other than to and from the the destination they have
airport. visited


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