T Test - Methods

notes on the t-test statistical test for methods

a2 psychology with aqa

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Parametric tests of difference
Related t-test
Two sets of scores from a repeated or matches pairs design and the criteria must be met
Unrelated t-test
Two sets of scores from an independent design and the 3 criteria must be met
To calculate the df needed to work out the critical table value
Related t-test
Df = Number of pairs of scores ­ 1
E.g. if there are 20 scores in the study then df = 19
Unrelated t-test
Df = number of scores in condition A ­ 1 plus the number of scores in condition B ­ 1
E.g. (10 ­ 1) + (10 ­ 1) = 18
For calculated `t' to be significant, it must be equal to or greater than the critical table value


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